Best Light NY is a family-owned business created by Ken Scheben. An avid outdoorsman, Ken initially pursued photography as a way to “capture” the wildlife he loves. His award-winning bird images have been published in how-to books on nature photography. In 2012, Ken parlayed his photographic expertise into a successful online watch retail business by providing high-definition, detailed, color-corrected images that have taken the guesswork out of buying a timepiece online. He has amassed a portfolio of more than 30,000 images and has developed shooting and editing techniques that have earned him a reputation for excellence among customers and manufacturers alike. In recent years, he has expanded beyond watch sales to perform contract photography work for a number of watch brands.


Now, through Best Light NY, Ken is helping real estate agents, architects, builders and designers. Best Light NY provides photographic walk-throughs that not only document the details of a property but also convey its “feel.” Ken believes that his ability to control light, even under the most challenging conditions, lets him create natural, honest images of a property while still casting it in the most flattering light possible.

The images below convey his photographic versatility and his ability to create high-quality impressions in a range of challenging environments.

Snowy owls are able to glide silently just a millimeter or two above the tundra without crash landing. While this is common behavior for the birds, photographic captures of it are rare, given the extreme working conditions for the photographer and the photographic gear alike. Ken documented the aerial skill of this impressive predator in northern Canada on a day when the temperature dipped to minus 11 degrees Fahrenheit.

Tribute In Light

The events of September 11, 2001, will always be ingrained in the memories of New Yorkers. Images depicting the dual blue beams where the Twin Towers once stood still elicit an emotional reaction from most Americans. Ken captured this long-exposure image the first year that NYC began illuminating the location.


Photographing a white bird in flight against a snow-filled background is no easy task. But if you manage to get all of the details just right, it is possible to create stunning images like this one.

You would think that creating a quality photograph of a watch would be dramatically easier than capturing an image of a snowy owl in flight. But when Ken first attempted watch photography, he discovered it was anything but simple. Like a mirror, the polished surfaces of most watches reflect anything near them, including the photographer.

Invicta Venom

When its purpose is to help close a sale, a photo must be accurate as well as beautiful. Ken has perfected a number of photographic and editing techniques to ensure that the images he provides depict true-to-life colors.